We will additionally Guarantee certain Hard Sided styles
 against cracking,
for the first 12 months.
(2 yrs for Solar & Stellar).
If  cracked we will replace it.

Details are Listed on each style's page and the warranty page how to claim.

it captures every journey...

...which one is yours?

It was said, "you couldn't achieve strength and space"… we did.
Conventional hard luggage is robust, but inflexible our hard case expander technology
is a great benefit and provide
s great protection for the contents inside.

We wish our Unique Expanding Feature was weight free, but it can add 300g to 400g to the largest size.
Choose Your Favorite Style From Below
lick the image to see all the details and colours available.
Models not yet arrived will not open yet, so check back soon.


Grey, Blue or Purple

Blue, Black, Beige

White or Black
ETA 1st Aug
Wine, Blue, Cmpange or Coffee

Fuchsia, Blue, Grey or Red

  Yellow or Rose
ETA 1st Aug

Turquoise or Coffee

Dark Grey

Purple, Grey, Navy, Teal or Black
ETA 10 Aug

City Skyline
Very Low QTY's

Rose Gold
Very Low QTY's

  Blue or Charcoal
Just a few Left

it luggage is world renowned for its innovation and design skills.
The pinnacle of this philosophy is the invention of the world’s first expandable hard casePatented in various countries around the world, including China with an invention Patent 200480001159.X Manufacturing or buying out of China using our expanding technology is illegal and will result in claims for compensation and unpaid royalties.

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