If there was ever a piece of 'intelligent' luggage then.....
        FRAMELESS is it!

IT Luggage® have developed FRAMELESS technology: the only truly FRAMELESS soft case which literally bounces back into shape

All the advantages of hard shell, but avoiding the issue of the Hard Shell Cracking.

The patented Frameless (UK # 7,832,533) technology offers users unique and versatile luggage.
With no internal frame, the case is typically 25% lighter than conventional cases providing more packing space inside.
This is a premium case and our most stable case ever!

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The unique construction allows us to
  position the wheels right at the corners,
  and if squashed, the EVA material simply
  'bounces back' into shape acting like
  shock absorbers.

    Unlike Hard Shell - No more Cracked Shells

FRAMELESS technology incorporates all
    your luggage needs into one case:

   • Lightweight.
   • Durable.

   • Easy to maneuver.
   • All the capacity you need!
Double expanding Medium size to Ionian Classic.
   • Silent running wheels.

  10 year warranty

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